We will be launching a new plan for the school called “Joey’s 2020”.  We have identified four areas for development and hope to work on these over the coming three school years.

The four areas are;

  • Environment (Upgrading/decorating/maintaining school buildings and yard).
  • Teaching and Learning (Working on Literacy and numeracy, ICT, professional development/training for staff).
  • Community (Parent’s Association/building links with community/getting involved in local events).
  • Daily Practice (Wellbeing promotion/attendance and punctuality/achieving personal goals of students).

Over the years, here at Joey’s, there has been a lot of work done on many of the above areas.  Our aim is to continue to develop in all areas of school life, which will only benefit the boys.

In order for this to be a success, we will need everyone working together.  As parents, you are a vital part of the school and we would love to work with you in achieving some of our goals.  Some areas may require hands on participation while others will rely on fundraising.