Frása den Choicís (Phrase of the fortnight)

We are making a big effort in Joeys to speak more Irish. Every two weeks, we will have a Ceist (ke-sh-t) and a Freagra (fra-gra)- question and answer, which we will practising during that fortnight. This is called 'frása den choicís' (kai-kee-sh'). Sometimes Irish words sound very different to English words and can be difficult to read. When a word doesn't read how it sounds, we will highlight its pronunciation in bold and brackets. The current Frása den Choicís is:

Ceist (ke-sh-t):        Cén rang in a bhfuil (will) tú?

Freagra (fra-gra):  Tá mé i rang 1/2/3/4/5/6.

Watch this website for more Frásaí den choicís! The next one will be published the week beginning 21st November.

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