Review of discipline policy and mobile phone use

We are currently reviewing our discipline policy. We are also looking at mobile phone use. We have had issues with children coming to school with mobile phones on and in some cases being used. This is obviously something that needs to be looked at. Please see below some suggested amendments to our discipline policy and a note at the end regarding mobile phone usage. If you like to discuss anything regarding this please contact Mr. Gillen. The Board of Management will ratify these changes at their next meeting which will be scheduled before the end of the school year.

We are re-examining our behaviour policy. We would like to draw your attention to  amendments to our policy as we enter our last term.

For clarification of staff, parents and pupils below is a list of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. In the event of any of these behaviours occurring immediate appropriate consequences (for both acceptable and unacceptable examples) will apply.

Parental cooperation is essential to the overall level of behaviour in the school.

Some examples of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours are shown below: 

 These are examples and don’t cover all cases but are used as a guide


·       Keeping the rules 

·       Kindness 

·       Willingness to help others 

·       Respecting staff 

·       Respecting other students 

·       Courtesy 

·       Good manners 

·       Positive language 

·       Positive body language 

·       Sharing 

·       Openness 

·       Willingness to listen 

·       Willingness to seek help 

·       Regular school attendance 

·       Good Personal Hygiene 

·       Good sportsmanship 

·       Fairness 


·       Aggressive and/or intimidating physical behaviour 

·       Threatening behaviour 

·       Bullying 

·       Harassment 

·       Discrimination 

·       Victimisation 

·       Class disruption, interfering with teaching or learning 

·       Uncooperative behaviour 

·       Theft 

·       Shouting/raising voice 

·       Bad language 

·       Verbal abuse 

·       Deliberately excluding others 

·       Imitation and mocking 

·       Peer group pressure 

·       Property damage 

·       Threatening the safety of others or 

exposing others to danger and/or harm

Misbehaviour can have damaging and long-lasting effects including disruption of the student’s own learning and the learning of others. It can cause distress and anxiety and may pose a threat to the safety of students and teachers. 

Examples of good behaviour are to be acknowledged and rewarded appropriately.

Our policy is to intervene early and positively when student’s behaviour does not meet the standards expected in the school. 


The Education Welfare Act 2000 details in Section 23(2) that the Code of Behaviour shall specify the measures that may be taken when a student fails or refuses to observe those standards.  





(may be brought to the attention of the Board Of Management) 

GROSS MISCONDUCT (will be brought to the attention of the BOM) 

Follow stated Strategies and Sanctions schedule 

Immediate Red Card* - Formal 

 May warrant further measures, including suspension/expulsion, at the discretion of the Board of Management) 

Examples of Gross Misconduct

Physical assault of a staff member or Unprovoked assault of a child - eg. hitting, pushing, kicking, biting, etc. 


Aggressive/ inappropriate language towards a staff member, or Unprovoked use of same towards another child. e.g. swear words/ taunting 

Disrespecting school property 

Continued defiance 

Leaving the school building without permission 

Intentional unsafe behaviour 

Acts of Grievous Bodily Harm to a staff member and/or child. It is important to note that the school will decide whether an incident comes under this definition. 

Intentional theft of an item of value, e.g. money, jewellery, electronic devices, items of a highly personal nature, etc. 

Intimidation of a staff member by a child 

Possession of a weapon on school property. A weapon is defined as any implement or tool that is utilised or intended to utilise harm to another individual. 

Any form of intentional sexual harassment 

Willful destruction of school property 

Strategies for dealing with misbehaviour

Verbal warning 

Consequence - Time Out 

Yellow card - Extra work to be done along with a signature from parent(s)/guardian(s).

*Red card - removal to Principal’s office; Red Card to be handed to principal. Communication with parents at end of school day. 

In the event of continued misbehaviour in Principal’s office, immediate communication with parents and request to take child home. 



 A single incident of Gross Misconduct may be grounds for suspension / expulsion. 

Mobile phone usage:

Mobile phones are not permitted in school.

Use of camera phones or smart devices Eg smart watches are not allowed.

Electronic equipment- gaming devices etc. are not permitted in school.

This policy includes any school trips or tours.

Parents are reminded that in cases of emergency the school office remains the first point of contact and can ensure your child is reached quickly and helped in any appropriate way.

Breaches of policy:

Any child found to have a phone in school will have phone confiscated. The phone will not be returned until a parent collects it and it will be treated as a breach of school rules and necessary sanctions may apply.

Incase of exceptional circumstances make an appointment to meet with the principal and discuss and fill out any necessary paperwork.